Enhance Deeper Bleaching®

The new system is the result of some interesting research carried out by Dr. Wyman Chan. He adopted a clever protocol from America and incorporated two of his proven technologies - the wy10 activated gel and zero sensitivity trays - in order to boost the overall performance. The result is Enhance Deeper Bleaching, a system that has a well-understood protocol and delivers reliable results. It is completely technique insensitive, making it easily adoptable into dental practices.

So confident in this new system is wy10 that it offers a B1 money-back guarantee to dentists. The wy10 system also represents exceptional value and provides the fastest service in the business. Supplied as a three-patient kit, it includes all the materials required to carry out Enhance Deeper Bleaching on three patients. It even contains pre-paid posting boxes in which to send impressions to our laboratory, saving dentists time and money.

Also included in the pack is a treatment planning service. Send us three case photographs and we will devise a treatment plan for you for free.

We are confident that the Enhance Deeper Bleaching will enable clinicians to deliver exceptional whitening results routinely and predictably. If a treatment is completed in accordance with our instructions and B1 or eight-shade improvement is not achieved, we will refund the cost of the treatment. Clinicians must ensure, and be able to prove, that proper records are kept, with "before" and "after" photos taken according to the instructions given in here. A refund is limited to the cost of the wy10 bleaching materials and does not include costs the clinician may otherwise incur related to the treatment.

Kit Contents

  • Three home treatment packs (with which to order three sets of trays and three boxes of home gel)
  • One 5ml Enhance 6% Chairside gel syringe
  • Three mixing tips
  • Three mixing wells
  • Three micro brushes
  • Sample consent form
  • One set of instructions
  • Three treatment plans