Home Kit

Choose between 6% hydrogen peroxide (HP6) and 10% or 16% carbamide peroxide (CP10 or CP16).

The wy10 home kit comprises two opaque, dual-barrel 5ml syringes for superior performance. The main and activating components are housed separately and the 4:1 syringe only mixes them in a precise ratio at the point of application when, thanks to its high pH value, the activating component neutralises the acid within the peroxide, making it alkaline and harmless to the enamel and dentine. Due to the hydrogen peroxide being stored in its own barrel at a low pH, the gel remains fresh and stable for longer. Wy10 gels contain a special, patented, organic activator, which increases the breakdown rate of stain molecules by threefold for fast results minus the sensitivity.

Kit Contents (Non acidic formulations)

Two individually packed syringes of your choice gel.