Perfect Trays

Perfect Trays feature built-in barriers near the gingival margins that lock in the bleaching gel and keep out saliva, preventing gum irritation and enhancing bleaching results. The trays are designed for use with wy10 gels, but are also compatible with other gels.

'Dimples' on the labial surfaces are a hallmark of Perfect Trays. Studies of sensitivity cases reveal that overloading trays is the single most common reason for pain and non-compliance. Dimples help patients to correctly position and size 'beads' of bleaching gel when loading the trays.

The company houses a laboratory dedicated to making nothing but bleaching trays. Experienced dental technicians assess subtle details taken from impressions, designing and producing the custom-made trays. In addition, Perfect Trays is renowned for its fast turn-around time with trays sent out the same day the impressions are received. Perfect Trays are now used by thousands of dentists worldwide and are very competitively priced.

Contact Perfect Trays on 020 74342517 regarding your bleaching trays.

Kit Contents

  • Set of custom-made trays
  • Tray holder
  • Patient instructions