Designed for use with the WY10 chair side system, S2Power is a member of a family of thermal diffusers that uses heat rather than light to push gel inside the structure of the enamel, greatly accelerating the breaking down of stain molecules and cutting down chairside time. This intelligent device generates an accurate, controlled amount of thermal energy within the bleaching gel to ensure the procedure is comfortable.

Compact and light, it hooks on to a retractor in the patient's mouth rather than taking up valuable space in the clinic. S2Power enables patients to move freely during treatment, preventing stiff neck and shoulders.

Powered by alkaline AA batteries and with only one heat setting (equivalent to the low setting of an iPower), the S2Power is a more affordable version of its larger sibling. Many dentists prefer the sheer simplicity of its operation. Particularly suited to the occasional whitening treatment, it is also very handy as a second thermal diffuser in a busy practice.

Kit Contents

  • One console
  • One mouthpiece
  • Four AA batteries
  • Instructions
  • Storage box
  • Three retractors