Designed to work in a very similar way to known combination systems, dentists experienced in using 25% HP will find it easy to adapt to the TALC system with only minor updates to their acquired skills. They can continue to provide a treatment that is in demand and already known by their patients in an increasingly competitive market.

Best of all, it really works. Independent tests reveal a high concentration chairside gel only releases a small percentage of its active ingredient during a chairside session. A fast-acting low concentration gel can therefore release a similar amount of active ingredient as a standard high concentration gel. The TALC system combines new research into gel activation, thermal diffusion technology and bleaching protocol in order to enable dentists to deliver the same Hollywood result they would produce using 25% hydrogen peroxide in the chair, as proven in double-blind clinical tests.

The TALC system is supplied as a 3-patient kit and contains all the necessary materials for performing combination treatments on three patients in one convenient pack, making it extremely cost effective.

Kit Contents

  • One 5ml TALC 6% chairside gel syringe
  • One plunger
  • Three mixing tips
  • Three protection dams with tips
  • Three packs of gauze
  • Three face bibs
  • Three mixing wells with micro-brushes
  • Three pre-paid dockets (to claim three sets of trays and home gel)
  • Three postage-paid posting boxes
  • Instructions