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B1 Guarantee

About Wy10®



The original British teeth whitening supplies company, Wy10® launched in 2003. A dentist himself and having imported and used all major whitening systems, Dr Wyman Chan noticed how many patients were experiencing sensitivity. Furthermore, non compliance was leading to unpredictable results. In 2006, he began his PhD in teeth whitening, which resulted in 7 UK and US patents for zero sensitivity products. Fast forward almost 20 years and his award-winning products are sold around the world.


From Perfect Trays to Get2Smile, Wy10® combines the finest German quality with the very best in British research to provide the most effective whitening solutions on the market.


Our Products

From Perfect Trays® to teeth whitening gels, our award-winning products are trusted by tens of thousands of dentists in the UK and overseas.

Why Choose Wy10®?


Boasting a 99% satisfaction rate.


Simply fill in the form on the contact us page and we'll send you the dockets.


Made by the original inventor of zero sensitivity teeth whitening products and techniques.

B1 guarantee

No other brand has the same success rate.

edward lynch.jpg
Professor Lynch

The wy10 home whitening kit gives me consistent results and my patients are thrilled with their whitening results.

Dr Morris Strauss

Compared to numerous other techniques the wy10 whitening system has given my completed orthodontic patients the most beautiful straight white teeth.

Dr Mervyn Druian

Wyman Chan's in-surgery and at home tooth whitening systems are effective, easy and exciting.

The Inventor

  • A dentist for 40 years

  • Has treated over 20,000 teeth whitening cases

  • Pioneering inventor of pain free teeth whitening

  • Awards includes Harper's Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 and Dentistry Top 50

  • Dentist to the stars

  • Regularly makes appearances in the media

  • Peer reviews for British Dental Journal

Dr Wyman Chan
Dr Wyman Chan

BDS (Lond.), LDS, RCS (Eng.), IADFE, PhD
GDC No. 55134

Wyman Chan adheres to the strict guidelines governing the profession under strict guidance from the General Dental Council (GDC) "Standards for Dental Professionals".

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