Teeth Whitening Supplies


Perfect Trays​

  • Zero sensitivity design

  • Gel locked inside trays by precision barriers

  • Gel stays on the surface of teeth where it is needed

  • Gel stays away from the gums where it can cause irritation

  • Optional dimples to mark gel loading avoid overloading

  • Stop saliva from diluting the gel

  • Fast and reliable service

  • Trays dispatched on the same day as impressions received

  • Competitive price



  • Awarded 'best teeth whitener' by Harper’s Bazaar

  • Design based on latest research in teeth whitening technique and efficacy

  • Delivers optimal heat energy to enhance effect of bleaching gel

  • Safe: No harmful UV or strong light 

  • Easy to use: No complicated set up

  • Wearable on patient’s head - Patient can relax during treatment

  • Ultra-Portable – Can be moved and used in different surgeries easily


2 x 5ml syringes of 16% Carbamide Peroxide gel, perfect for home whitening  (enough for 28 applications)


  • To be prescribed by dentists following a full patient consultation

  • Scientifically-proven, patented organic activator for superior results

  • Purer form of peroxide encourages fast reaction and low sensitivity

  • Dual barrel syringe keeps the gel from activating until needed

  • Shorter wear time improves compliance

Chairside gels

  • Available in 6% Hydrogen Peroxide in the UK

  • Available in 10% and 19% Hydrogen Peroxide outside of the EU

  • Purest form of hydrogen peroxide for superior results

  • Reduction of additives hampering the requisite chemical reaction means the gel’s active ingredient reaches stain molecules at substantially faster rate

  • Lower viscosity allows the gel to adhere to the teeth more readily, increasing contact area

  • Being completely water-based, the gel is readily absorbed into the structure of the teeth

  • Supplied in a double barrel syringe, contains patented initiator that allows the active ingredients to be released when inside the teeth structure, hence removing stains that are lodged deep inside the inner enamel and dentine

  • The patented organic activator reacts with the hydrogen peroxide and triggers the release of the active component at over ten times its normal rate

  • The result is a gel that is effective and fast acting removing stains much faster than other systems.

  • It has an alkaline pH and safe to the teeth structure and gums

  • It uses a different, more effective formula that gets to the source of the stain in record time



  • DWC3 : Contains 3% hydrogen peroxide. Specially formulated for sensitive teeth and yet powerful enough to remove intrinsic stains within the  structure of the teeth effectively. Suitable for use with customised bleaching trays and the Get2Smile paint-on system.

  • DWC8 : Contains 8% carbamide peroxide. Gentle on the gums and very effective to remove stains on the teeth. Suitable for use with customised bleaching trays.