About  the inventor

Dr. Wyman Chan, BDS (Lond.), LDS, RCS (Eng.), IADFE, PhD is a clinical and research dentist with special expertise in the field of tooth whitening.

Over the last 20 years, he has worked with all major home and power whitening systems. His PhD research led to seven UK and US patents.

Through his research and experience of treating over 15,000 of patients, Dr. Wyman Chan has discovered some important phenomena in the texture of teeth and harnessed them to establish some important protocols and metrics that have contributed to improving the safety and efficacy of teeth whitening processes. He has published some important hypotheses in teeth whitening processes, which have helped to evaluate the texture of the enamel of the structure of the teeth. He is well credited as the inventor of the painless teeth whitening techniques and products including Perfect Trays.

Dr Wyman Chan is a Senior Clinical Teacher at BPP University and was a Clinical Associate Teacher at the Institute of Clinical Education, Warwick Dentistry, University of Warwick from 2010 to 2016. He has trained thousands of dentists in how to whiten teeth safely, painlessly and effectively. He also regularly publishes his work in eminent dental journals and peer reviews for the British Dental Journal (BDJ).

Dr. Wyman Chan is a member of the British Dental Association and registered with the General Dental Council, number 55134

Why Wy10?

Made by Dr Wyman Chan

Former Harley Street dentist turned teeth whitening mogul to the stars, Dr Wyman Chan hung up his drills in 2002 to focus on making our pearly whites whiter. Since then, he has accumulated a host of patents, awards and accolades for creating safe and pain-free bleaching techniques and products, which have been adopted by thousands of dentists worldwide. Not to mention a PhD in teeth whitening.

Get results

The patented Wy10 Teeth Whitening System has a 98% success rate at achieving a Vita shade B1.


Stay safe

Wy10 gels are slightly alkaline at the point of use and therefore harmless to the enamel.

No pain, just gain

The patented Wy10 system gives exceptional whitening results minus the sensitivity.

Don’t quit

With the patented Wy10 system, patients don’t even need to modify their diet.

Affordable quality

The company houses a laboratory dedicated to making nothing but bleaching trays. Experienced dental technicians assess subtle details taken from impressions, designing and producing the custom-made trays.

Since 2000, our laboratory has been using the finest materials from Erkodent to create the highest quality trays for tens of thousands of dentists at an affordable price.

Dentists’ choice

This system is trusted by tens of thousands of dentists worldwide.

Happy patients, happy practice

Our dentists whiten more teeth than other dentists because they know their patients will be happy at the end of the treatment.